Working Energy

Life can be tough. We fall down, we get hurt, we feel sick, we feel low, we feel alone. But we keep on living. Because we hope that soon enough, we’ll get back up, feel healed, be full of wellness, be on a natural high and surrounded with affectionate friends. Life can be tough, but it can also be so beautiful. And everything that we experience in life is simple: it’s just energy.

I’ve still been experiencing vertigo, to varying degrees, the past few weeks. I’ve seen medical doctors, who are miffed that a healthy twenty-something year old can experience lasting vertigo. And although western medicine is great at diagnosing and fixing symptoms, it largely fails to look at the entire picture, and it fails further to look at the emotional, spiritual and energetic causes behind dis-ease. If you were to take a look at my aura, my space, you would be able to see exactly what is going on, because it’s all energy.
I spent nearly the entire weekend in meditation at a gathering of clairvoyants. It was a workshop for us to come together, learn new skills, look at each other’s spaces and have more time to work our own. I’d had a hard time looking at my own space, since every time I sat down to close my eyes, I felt like the earth was heaving underneath me. What I would have realized if I had stuck through the meditation, like I did this weekend, was when I can use the meditative tools I have to move energy through my body and my aura and start to reclaim my space, the vertigo dissipates and largely disappears.
It was an intense weekend, to be sure. Sitting in meditation, or trance, as some call it, for 15 hours is definitely a marathon of meditation and sure to both invigorate and tire the mind and body. As clairvoyants, we read and heal each other, and everyone who read me first said something along the lines of, “Wow. I can’t believe you’re having to deal with this energy. It’s so strong. I’m so sorry. Find some amusement.” Because as big and bad as energy can feel, it’s just that–energy. Have you ever been in a room where you could almost cut the tension with a knife? And then some wonderful soul cracks a timely joke, the room fills with laughter, and the tension is gone? That’s the importance of amusement for moving energy.
I always ask my yoga students at the beginning of class to check in and see if they brought their sense of humor, and if they’ve arrived ready to play. Yoga can be a great discipline to the mind and body, but just like any type of practice, it is largely dependent on how you set your energy, and energy that is serious (like that room we just talked about) doesn’t move. So keeping your sense of amusement is very helpful in having a successful and joyful yoga practice.
Bottom line: when you’re feeling blue, or when your yoga isn’t moving in the direction you want it to, take a step back and find amusement in the situation. It’s all just energy. Crack a joke at yourself, find something to laugh at. So if you need a joke, here’s a slightly inappropriate one for you to mull over (inappropriate can always make you smile) — you should never take life to seriously — no one gets out alive, anyway.

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