Why a protection shield of white light doesn’t work

Protection isn’t the solution to a porous energy field.

There’s this common “knowledge” in the spiritual world that anyone in need of spiritual/psychic protection need only to invoke a protection shield of white light around them and then – abra-cadabra! – you’re protected!

Except you probably aren’t.

(Especially if that’s the only thing you’re doing).

Nope – you’re still picking up everyone else’s emotional crap, spiritual crap, programming, negativity – as if you’re the laundry basket of energy and everyone’s clothes are dirty. Ewe. You keep trying the white light, but feel more blue in the face than white and protected. Something is not working.

I have suffered from headaches most of my adult life. They’re tension headaches, and they’re caused by stress. But tell anyone I have a headache, and the first thing they say is, “Are you drinking enough water?”

I get it – it’s the obvious thing to say, right? I mean, most headaches are caused by dehydration, and many health – conscious people know this, and they’re just trying to pass on information, so of course they would offer this advice.

But it’s the wrong advice.

I can’t cure my tension headaches just by drinking more water. I cure tension headaches by understanding my stress patterns, taking steps to reduce my stress, noticing when my muscles are tensing and change course, exercise more, meditate, get massages, eat better and take supplements to support my nervous system.

I manage my tension headaches by becoming more aware of myself and my patterns.

Which is exactly the way foreign energy in the aura must be managed.

For us sensitive types, managing the constant onslaught of subtle information entering our energetic field requires that we become aware – of ourselves, of how our energy field works, and of our unique spiritual mechanics. When we do this, we can actually learn to manage the problem.

Putting up a white light of protection is like trying to cure tension headaches with water. It might help a little, but it doesn’t solve the issue – which is a lack of awareness of our subtle energy field.

I see this a lot in the healers of the world. When we first recognize our magic, we want to practice that magic out in the world and help all the people! We want to wield our magic as body workers, energy workers, counselors, and, and, and. We so desperately want to feel good in our skin, and we earn a sense of accomplishment by doing our part to help in the world. It feels good.

Until it doesn’t.

We often don’t really want to become deeply, personally aware of ourselves. It doesn’t sound as fun, and we often don’t believe it to be necessary. So we look for the quick fix, and feel satisfied when a well-renown spiritual teacher offers us quick solution – a protection field! Or an intention! Or an invocation! Just do these three steps and you’ll be clear of all energies for the rest of your life!

It just doesn’t work that way.


Protection isn’t actually the solution to a porous energy field.

First, you have to understand why the pores are there in the first place. You have to understand why you are built the way you are. Then, you have to learn how  your system operates – become aware of your energy field, how it works and moves, and what energies have been getting in the way of your sovereignty. You have to learn to connect to nourishing energies – just like our bodies need water, air and food to grow, so does our spirit. You have to learn how to release energies no longer serving you (the energetic bowel movement, if I may), and how to gain your energy back.

Just as you learned how to operate your body, you need to learn how to operate your energy body.

Protection shields of some sort may be employed at some point, but they’re more like a stop sign than a brick wall. They work because you’ve set the rules, they’re clearly stated, communicated and adhered to. They work because you know you.

This is what I teach. There are no white lights of protection. There is depth, and fun, and awareness and growth. So that you can go out and do you  in the world, without the energetic riffraff, and without faking it till you feel it. How about – practice until you feel it?

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