Why a Life Purpose Package is Amazing

Have you ever wanted a way to explain all the emotional background information of your life? Information that would string together, coherently, the big picture of how you interact with the world, what your negative patterns are, what makes you feel amazing and validated and what keeps you diving back into negative patterns? Have you ever wondered what the main purpose of your life was? What if there was some way to make a map out of the minutia, to explain the backdrop of emotions and patterns of your life and to address the ways to keep you moving forward?

Well, there is – through an astrological Life Purpose Reading with Holly RePenn.

Holly and I have been offering this joint Life Purpose Reading for good reason – it helps string together the “why” behind everything we do. When we understand the purpose of our life, our unique karmic pathway, it brings clarity to our actions, our work, our relationships and our living arrangements. A Life Purpose reading shows us the emotional blueprint that our past life karma has left on our soul (our natural emotional tendencies, which usually don’t work for us this life) and provides a clear solution and pathway forward. This reading provides the big picture for which all of our life rests. It sets the context.

I experienced this reading with Holly recently. In this hour I came to understand myself so much better. Things that before had no spiritual context – coming into this life injured (hip dysplasia), being crushed as a child when friends deserted me, feeling more despair and a sense of brokenness than could be explained by this life and now having a distrust of “facts” above my own emotions. After this reading, it all made sense.

After a life purpose reading, I understood my tendencies to become emotionally stuck, to take on too much responsibility in relationships, to feel like a failure and to self-punish – in a nutshell, this was the emotional scarring left on my soul. Holly helped me understand that it’s normal when we’re scared or anxious to fall back into our past-life patterns because they’re familiar.

In Sankhya philosophy (which underlies both yoga and Ayurveda) these habitual past life patterns are called samskaras. Explained like grooves in a record, samskaras are the emotional ruts and habits we come into each life with and it is our job to smooth out the grooves. Understanding which parts of our lives are samskaras can be tricky, though, which is where the Life Purpose reading is so helpful.

Once the past patterns are pointed out and understood, the reading lays out the pathway or purpose of the soul to heal the samskaras and work through the karma. This purpose will influence how we show up in the world – it may determine the type of career we choose, how we are in relationships, what our lifestyle is like, etc. Karmic samskaras are emotional patters; how we respond emotionally to the world – so this will affect each aspect of our lives.

Receiving this Life Purpose reading was extremely validating. It helped me understand my tendencies and how they aren’t wrong, just old patterns that don’t serve me anymore. It helped me identify what situations throw me back into my past patterns so that I can avoid those or respond differently. The reading also taught me how to trust myself moving forward so that I can continue to live my purpose.

The work that comes next for me is looking at the places in my life that don’t allow for or are contradictory to my life purpose and reducing or eliminating those. It’s also time to look at the energy of resistance in my body that keeps me moving forward into new patterns in-line with my purpose. Our past karmic patterns are easy to fall into because they are familiar. It’s much easier for me to fall into an attitude of despair and self-loathing than to to brave enough to believe in myself and trust my instincts. Part of my work now is removing the fear that keeps me from moving forward. This is where energy healing helps big time!

If you’ve been wondering about the bigger picture of your life, I really recommend a Life Purpose reading. It simply puts everything in perspective and provides solid ground for moving forward in life.


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