What resonates is all we have

Life has felt like it’s been speeding up for me lately.

My son, now nine months old, is speed crawling around our tiny living room and standing up on everything. One handed. Just over the weekend, he gave himself a fat lip and two bonks on the head. Before you call any authorities, know that I was standing right there the whole time – he just slipped through my hands. I can’t keep up. He’s moves so fast.

Big decisions are being made in my family, including a new home and a move outside city limits. Which means, for me, a new office, a long commute, and a new distance between myself and my fortifying community.

It’s all very exciting.

It’s also all very stressful.

In the midst of the stress, I’ve found myself drawn to beautiful things – sound baths, beautiful music, beautiful design ideas for the new house, a fresh color pallet for makeup, oracle cards with beautiful pictures, the smell of burning sage and quiet. Beautiful things that please my senses.

I’m being drawn to things that please my senses and resonate with me on a deep level.

I’ve worked with people intuitively now for four years. I love it; it’s wonderful. And yet, I feel drawn to add something to the mix – something beautiful. Beauty for beauty’s sake. For the sake of a pleasurable and pleasing experience. I felt drawn to add sound healing as an element to my work, and besides its beauty and known healing qualities, I really had no idea why.

I told this to my therapist. I said, “I don’t know why, but it feels like I need this.”

“It resonates,” she said.

“It resonates.” I agreed.

Then she said:

What resonates is really all we have.

I thought, How wonderful! How simple! And how undeniably true.

In the stressful times in our lives, when our world is speeding up, when the Universe is asking more of us, when we are at our edge, praying to the gods to help us figure out the right choice in the myriad of choices, perhaps the way forward is as simple as that.

As simple as what resonates.

I’ll add: go with what resonates and trust that it will make sense later. This is a way of feeling yourself forward, as opposed to thinking yourself forward. The mind will turn you in circles when stakes and stress are high. But a strong and finely-tuned sensitive nervous system can help you land on what’s next, what fulfills and what eases, just by following what resonates deep within you.

So – what is it that resonates with you right now?

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  1. I applaud you for having the courage to buck “the shoulds” in life and instead take action on what feels good right now. Too often, we ignore those signposts which is like ignoring the sign on a road that says, “road closed ahead”, which is essentially what happens when we buck our intuitive side. We put ourselves in danger.

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