I want to be known for showing you that magic exists, and that you have your own

I have always believed in magic.

When I was a child, I saw fairies flying around in the garden, tending to the vegetables and flowers. I spoke to the nature spirits in the apple tree that I excitedly climbed into each afternoon. I saw that there was something beyond the something that I was seeing.

For the most part, my parents let me see these things. They let me have this magic in my world. They gave me permission.

Well, until I reached a certain age. You know, when we reach that certain age, we’re required to grow up. To stop believing in magic – even the magic of our own abilities – so that those who don’t believe, or don’t see, can be comfortable.

And as a good little girl, I obeyed. Kind of.

Today, I’m feeing sad. And not for any one reason that I can pinpoint. Probably because I’m a new mom who’s trying to work and hold the house together and care for an infant, and nothing feels like mine anymore. I’m okay feeling sad; we can’t be expected to be happy every day, just like flowers can’t be expected to boom every day. Still, the sadness got me thinking.

What is it that’s mine?

This work is mine.

Okay, then what is it that I want to be known for?

I want to be known for exposing others to the magic in the world. I want to be known for the ways in which I can make magic real, for myself and for others.

You see, when I reached that certain age, and I was discouraged from believing in all the magic, I made a decision to keep believing anyway. It wasn’t a difficult decision – you see, for me, magic (which I’m defining here loosely as that something that exists beyond the mundane) simply exists. And although my magic-sensing abilities took a back seat while I learned the practical magic of achievement and commitment, love and relating, it never fully went away.

And so I was able to reclaim it.

I reclaimed it when I learned yoga and felt new, exciting sensations in my body.

I reclaimed it when I learned meditation, and how to settle into that peaceful place within myself, and then further, when I learned that place could be counted on to guide me.

I reclaimed it when I embraced my sensitivity and all its gifts of sensing and intuition.

I reclaimed it when I studied yoga and Ayurveda, and started weaving together the connections between spiritual mechanics, Ayurveda, high sensitivity and yoga philosophy.

I reclaimed it when I developed my clairvoyant intuition, learning to see beyond more clearly than before.

And it’s this reclamation of my own magic that’s allowed me to bring magic into the lives of all of those I work with.

You see, I have my own unique way of working with you. I don’t simply coach from a place of what we can see or what we can problem-solve (physical and cognitive levels). While valuable, I like to access the magic. So I start with what I can see beyond. In your energy field.

The energy field, or aura, is a truly magical map of the information. It contains all of the information of your life – your past, your beliefs, your values, your struggles, your blessings, your purpose, your gifts. It is the subtle piece of you that works to create your physical reality. Within this subtle field, we can see the patterns behind everything that has manifested in your physical reality. Your energy field communicates to me its status, guides me to what needs to be shifted, and asks for the help you may not be able to ask for yourself.

Usually, a first visit with me leaves you feeling seen and validated. It’s as if I’m able to read the book of you, to see you in a way you haven’t been seen before, without you having to explain yourself to me. This level of being seen for who you are is so, so healing.

And it feels magical. Sometimes, people leave with a feeling of, “Woah!” Followed by a week of clarity, and movement, and progress and permission.

And that’s when the real magic happens.

Because you realize that if you can be seen this way, you can heal – you can come home to yourself. And when you can come home to yourself, you can access your own personal magic – the magic you were gifted as a child, your unique abilities – and you can start using it in the world.

Your magic might not look like mine. Because it’s yours. Your magic might be in the creative way you solve problems, the detail with which you complete a drawing, the soothing calm you provide to others, the space you hold for animals, the knack you have for saying the right thing at the right time or an ability to create beauty out of anything.

I want to be known for showing you that magic exists, and it exists within you.

Let me know when you’re ready to find it.

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