Video Meditation: Manifesting Your New Reality

I talk a lot about the frequency or vibration of your energy body and how that relates to creating the reality that you want. In this video, I explain in a bit more detail how you can use this idea of your aura as a vibrational tool to start creating the new reality that you want — even if your analyzing mind doesn’t know what it will look like. The meditation itself is seven minutes long and starts around minute 4:45.  I’ve used this meditation to help me create new, big changes for myself — moving to a new place, getting out of a bad job and setting up my business, to name a few. In each situation, I didn’t know know HOW I would get there; I just held the vibration of the finished product as if I already had it and then the “how’s” appeared to me as time went on.

Try it for yourself, and let me know how it goes!


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