Video: Guided Body Scanning and Chakra Balancing Meditation

Here’s a 15 minute guided meditation for those of you who need a bit of guidance to get through your meditation. In this meditation, you’ll scan your body, learn to respond to your pain, scan each of your chakras for loss of power and restore your vitality. Give it a try!

4 Comments on “Video: Guided Body Scanning and Chakra Balancing Meditation”

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  2. This was a great mediation, one of the best I have ever listened to. I really needed it today for reasons I can’t disclose. I realized that I had been leaving bits of my energy with other people that I came into contact with, and I called it all the energy back. When I talked to my tailbone which had been hurting, it said my chair was too hard and would I get a gel cushion for it to sit on.
    I will continue to listen to your video faithfully.

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