There’s no cure for high sensitivity because it’s not a disease

In the self-help and life coaching world, there’s a story told that’s really popular. It’s a makeover story, and it goes something like this:

I had all of these problems. You have these problems, too. I did this thing and now I don’t have any problems. I’m a new me! You should do this thing, too. You can buy it from me. If you don’t, you’ll stay with all of your problems.

Fuck. That.

You are not broken. You aren’t in need of a sensitivity makeover. In fact, there isn’t one.

High sensitivity doesn’t have a cure because it isn’t a disease.

High sensitivity is a trait of your body that affects the way you experience the world. Just like having blonde hair would give you one experience of the world and red hair would give you another. Just like being five foot two inches tall would give you one experience and being six foot eleven inches would give you another. You may wish you were taller or shorter, but you can’t be (six-inch platform heels not withstanding).

The tools that I teach, the insight I try to give – none of this is in any way trying to cure you or make you over. Rather, the information is intended to be resources that help YOU change YOUR own experience of the world in a way that honors YOU.

I don’t want you to become like me. That’s boring.

I want you to feel freer and more comfortable to BE LIKE YOU.

That’s what makes the world a more exuberant, fun, empathetic, sensitive, fulfilling place to live in.

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