The Final Piece {The Freedom Equation}

courage is tendernessThe last piece of The Freedom Equation is simple:

Make a decision to live with more freedom. Then do it.

Maybe this seems deceptively simple, and it is. But it’s also the key to moving forward into a life of freedom.

I believe that life works this way: Be. Do. Have. We’ve spent the last few months being in our honesty and our courage, and developing faith. Now it’s time to do something. To make the decision to dive into freedom.

You don’t have to dive in head first. You can test the waters with your toes, but please make some decision and honor it by having the courage to just do it already. 

My students like to tease me because I often say, “That is thing that should happen.” And to be honest, that’s the one phrase that started this whole business – the blog, the sessions, the courses, everything. After walking through the woods and being with myself, ideas would form and as I grew the courage to trust those ideas, I would think, This should happen. I’m going to make it happen.

It is the same with freedom.

Through honesty, you start to see how you really feel, what you really want, what your needs are. In faith, you start to dream about how things could be different and to trust that vision. Courage is the final thing – that thing that will make your thing happen.

Courage doesn’t feel stable. It doesn’t feel solid. We only need courage when the way is not clear, when we’ve been bruised by bad experience, when the sea is rocky beneath us. Courage is what makes us do the thing anyway. Courage is what happens while your stomach is churning and your palms are sweating and your voice is shaking but goddammit you get the words out anyway.

Courage is not pretty in the face of the doing. It is messy, it feels scary, and your body will fight you on it. Courage is only pretty in the dawn of a new day, when that thing you wanted is happening. Only then do you look back at your courage and wonder at it’s strength and beauty. In the heat of moment, you’re probably just trying not to vomit. Or panic. Or both.

Courage is tender. We often think of courage like wielding a sword and squaring our shoulders and charging forward. But courage isn’t like that. Courage isn’t rigid – it’s fluid. It’s the water of your cells, it carries what wants to rush forth into the world but has for years been dammed up.

Courage is tenderness toward the self in action.

I believe that the universe wants you to be free – that it wants you to create, to love, to dream, to succeed. In fact, it waits for you to do this. The world waits for you to do this. But whether or not you believe that, what’s most important is that you have been waiting your whole life to be free. To feel untamed, untethered and without restraint. You have everything you need to live a life of personal freedom.

Except, perhaps, the definitive decision to do so.

Make it.


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