Taraksvasana A and other such nonsense

Back into the groove of the real world here in San Diego.  Ah, what a breath of fresh air.  I love it when I’m happy to be back from vacation, however wonderful that vacation was.
As usual for Monday morning, I taught a 6am class.  My class changed for the new year from a beginner to an intermediate class.  The spiritual lesson I’m working on today, and so shared with my students, was about choosing right action to attract positive energy to the body and mind.  
Every action we make changes the energy in our bodies, auras, or personal spaces.  When we make the right action–the action that honors us and is born from the love in our hearts–we create positive energy in our space.  Have you ever chosen the wrong action and felt that sinking feeling in your stomach?  As if someone just took a fist to your gut?  That’s negative energy entering the body.  Trust in those “gut reactions” or instincts; they rarely lead you astray.  Choose right action and fill your space with positive, overflowing prana.
To my own practice–I spent the morning at Asana One with the beautiful Tim as my instructor for the day.  The practice was challenging, as always; peaceful, graceful, humorous, and with plenty of playtime.  Today, as I pulled out of pincha mayurasana, Tim looked at me and said, “I’d like to see you play around with Scorpion handstand.”  I’ve been practicing handstands forever, and mostly working on an eagle-legs transition to hanumanasana.  I’d never tried scorpion, or Taraksvasana A, as it’s properly called in Ashtanga.  I pulled up into my handstand, then looked forward, puffed my chest (or melted my heart, as Anusara practitioners might say) and felt this delicious sense of balance.  Slowly, I lowered my legs toward my head, careful to keep my tailbone slightly tucked to protect my low back.  My feet were about a foot and a half from my head, but it was a fantastic start for me.  It was the right action for me today–challenging, spontaneous, and practiced in a supportive atmosphere.  
What right action(s) will you make today?

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