What does it take to live a sensitive life?

What does it mean to live a life of authentic sensitivity?

What I mean is – what does it look like to live a life as a highly sensitive individual who honors and leads from their sensitivity?

Just for a moment, I’d like you to imagine that you had the life of your highly sensitive dreams. Your life is set up and structured just for you. Your every intention for ease and freedom has turned into reality, there is no longer a reason to either deny or defend who you are and how you are; every moment of your day, the choices you’ve made about the structure of your life support you.

Is there struggle? Sure – you can’t keep people form getting angry on the freeway, or misinterpreting your words, or disagreeing with something you feel passionate about – but you have gathered an inner resiliency around these challenges that allows you to come back into and validate yourself. To recenter, to get present, to shift course if you need to.

Everyday, we do the things that you are passionate about. Maybe you get paid for them. You have overcome the fears around being seen as weird, of being ostracized in your community and you have found a group of other sensitive people you know are there to support you. You can learn, and make mistakes, and grow, and be supported in the process.

You can take care of yourself.

Self-care is less a spa service and more a way of life. It is built into your work, your family life and your friendships. It is there for you to help create softness around the more difficult things you finally feel confident enough to do (stand up for social causes, write truthful essays about difficult topics, brave social media).

Take a deep breath, and come back to real life, to where you are right now. How much of an authentic life are you living? How much of your sensitivity are you honoring? Are you leading with it? Grateful for it? Does it run you, or ruin you? Does it excite you, and drive you?

What does it look like to live a life as a highly sensitive person who honors and leads from sensitivity? And how does that get done?

I’ve been noodling on this question a lot with my most trusted colleagues and clients. Because there’s a pattern I’ve been noticing. The sensitive people who work with me start out lost and unsure – of how to handle their sensitivity, of how to see the strength in it, of how to recognize and utilize their gifts.

So we do this very sacred and fun and daunting work of the spirit – of becoming you – who you were meant to be before all the “should’s” got a hold of you – and we find out that you are actually a rebel in disguise.

You rebel against the “should’s,” and the rules, and the games that you don’t want to play anymore. And you start creating your own rules based on the idea that you are sacred. That everything about you is sacred. When you and your traits and gifts are sacred, they are deserving of recognition and attention and protection.

And then a new life starts.

It’s fabulous, and freeing, and untamed, uncensored, glorious and full of possibilities.

It’s also full of endings, as you say goodbye to things that don’t serve you but you loved. As old friends ghost out of your life. As you finally quit your soul-sucking job to start that thing you’ve been wanting to do forever.

And you find yourself living in excitement but also in disorientation, and a feeling like you don’t know anyone here.

You don’t know anyone because suddenly, you’ve become a pioneer.

Pioneers are those who carve a new life for themselves, who discover new lands, who set down new roots. When you cast away the old ways of doing things – the ways that kept you small and scared and a victim to your sensitivity – you become a pioneer because not many people have done this before.

And you look around and wave a hand and shout, “Is anybody else here?”

From the darkness comes, “Yes.”

Yes, I am here.

We are here. All of us sensitive pioneers who are doing things differently; who are doing things our own way. Who are choosing to make our lives and everything in them, sacred.

It’s a sacred rebellion, and you’re invited.

Join me to discuss how this gets done, how we pioneer as highly sensitives, how we create a culture and a world that values sensitivity. Join me in 2018 for a movement exploring this and other sensitive topics. “How do I join the movement,” you ask? Sign up for my Sensitive Missives and keep your eyes peeled early next year for a release of a podcast and a new membership group!



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