5 Ways Sensitivity Makes Us Stronger

Sensitivity has gotten a bad reputation in our culture, and this creates suffering in all of us – highly sensitive or not. Sensitivity: the ability of an organism to respond to its environment Sensitivity, our ability to respond to our environment, is an evolutionary and biological trait in all organisms. As animals, the better we can respond to our environment, … Read More

The Yoga of Happiness – Part 1

What does yoga have to do with happiness? Everything. We often think that yoga is a way to learn to be more flexible, to build strong bodies and to teach us how to breath again. Or maybe we recognize that there is some sort of philosophical system that guides us toward enlightenment or nirvana. And all of those are kind … Read More

How I Feel Verses Who I Am

If you haven’t noticed from poking around my site, I have some pretty awesome photos. And I’m not tooting my own horn – my boyfriend, Drew Loika, is the artist behind the camera and captures some amazing moments.  He went out on a photo hunt and cross-country ski this weekend, and when he came back, posted this picture with the … Read More

Emotions: Watching and Responding Rather than Reacting

Sometimes, we need to get broken down in order to recognize the need for a rebuild. Sometimes, things have to get just beyond the level we can tolerate in order for us to burst forth with change.I practice respecting my emotions. Especially the darker ones that make me feel down, fearful, isolated or worthless. I recognize that they are just … Read More

Emotional Hostage

I haven’t written for over a month. The holidays got to me, obligations, deadlines, responsibility. Vacation also got to me, in a cold and snowy way that only my home of Utah can provide. I spent time with my family. I detached from reality for a while. I remembered how much I love red wine with holiday fare and I … Read More