Squeezing it in

Have I been meditating everyday? Yes. Have I created a routine for meditating yet? No. I’ve been squeezing it in wherever I can.

Yesterday, I took 15 minutes out of my work day to sit on a soft seat, close my eyes, and meditate. Mostly, I run energy through my body and see where I feel blocked, what’s causing the blockage, and if I can release the energy causing the block. But sometimes, I have a hard time concentrating, and so I just focus on keeping the energy running through my body and listening, listening, always listening.
I taught for the first time in over a week and a half today. I felt rusty, but the most of the students seemed to enjoy it. I am starting to really look forward to practicing again, after this upcoming weekend of more yard work. I’m ready to move again in the context of listening, listening, always listening to what my body has to say.

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