Signs, Synchronicities and talking about not having anything to talk about

I’ve been down in the depths of another spiritual awakening. Some call it an initiation, I call it fun, confusing, magical. So many things are changing in my inner world that my outer world – what I say and how I show up – has yet to catch up. Thus, no episode last full moon. My apologies.

The spiritual work speaks through signs and synchronicities. These are its messages, the bread crumbs we follow deeper into our soul. We must learn to track these, trust these, follow these so that we can learn more, and go deeper, and find ourselves over and over again.

I cover how to do this as gracefully as possible, how to avoid pitfalls of following false signs and looking for magic where there is none. You can join me and the rest of the rebels as we track our magical signs in the Refuge this month. It’s free.

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