Sarah Nicotra on thriving as a highly sensitive person in a collapsed world

Sarah and I take on the very real and important subject of how to thrive as a highly sensitive person in a world that is collapsed. How do we find capacity? How do we become resilient? How do we function with so much pain in the world?

Guiding us through her own story of chronic illness, her experiences helping others through death, and being sensitive when collapse is all around, Sarah has a powerful perspective on the need for high sensitivity in the world right now.

Sarah H Nicotra is a professional coach (ICF and HeartMath certified), modern day völva, and spiritual care provider with 1000+ hours clinical spiritual care experience. Sarah helps sensitive people people face the power of paradox to become more rooted, resilient, and magical in times of unprecedented collapse, disintegration, and turmoil.

This was – hands down – one of the most empowering conversations I’ve walked away from in months. I hope you enjoy it!

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