Sacred Maintenance: January Guided Cleanse

Join me this January for a guided Ayurvedic cleanse! Winter is the perfect time to move inward, focusing on our bodies, minds and spirits and cleansing the old, the stuck and the toxic so that we can be at our highest energy and vitality for spring. This cleanse will be unique — a combination of the ancient and time-tested components of Ayurveda to move the toxins out of your body and mind and intuitive readings and meditations to cleanse your energy body.

When we’re finished, you may feel renewed, clearer, lighter and more vibrant, with a feeling that there is more inherent space in your world for you to fill with new, energizing creations. The cleanse will help you to let go of the toxins, energies and old thought patterns that keep you from experiencing and expressing your  body’s highest vibration of vitality and enthusiasm.

The cleanse will be guided from a live, online space, so you can join me from anywhere in the world. Over the course of a month, you’ll learn why we cleanse, what you’ll need to cleanse, how to set the space, cooking demonstrations, intuitive guidance, meditation guidance, a safe place to share your experience, and tools and tips to ease yourself out of the cleanse and back into the world. Although we’ll spend a month together, the cleanse will take place over one week.

The lessons will consist of three Thursday night classes, from 7-9pm, from January 9th to January 23rd. The final class will be held on Sunday, January 26th, from 10am – 12 pm. Here is the breakdown:

Thursday, January 9th: Sacred Maintenance — Why Cleanse?

  • Intro to Ayurveda and definition of health = Svastha
  • Introduction to Purva Karma as a cleansing practice – what’s involved, what to expect
  • Purva Karma at home — what you need to prepare and successfully cleanse at home
  • How intuitive work strengthens the process – scheduling individual reading sessions
  • Identifying your dosha – prakriti and viruti
  • Shopping list and Supplies
Thursday, January 16th: Sacred Skills
  • Kitcheri demonstration, how to cook with spices
  • Abhyanga demonstration, how at-home fomentation works
  • Dry brushing
  • Herbs used during the cleanse
  • Schedule for the cleanse
  • Additional activities to add during cleanse (yoga, meditation, journal, etc)
  • What to avoid
  • Schedule 30 minute intuitive check-ins during the cleanse
The Cleanse Itself — Saturday, January 18th – Saturday, January 25th (this is somewhat flexible based on individual needs; contact me for more information).

Thursday, January 23rd: During the Cleanse
  • Discussing progress, challenges, how we can support each other
  • Question and answer
  • Group meditation
  • Finishing the cleanse
  • Schedule Next Step Readings
Sunday, January 26th: Re-Emerging 
  • Rasayana, the act of rebuilding digestion 
  • Easing ourselves back into the world
  • Using spices to rekindle digestive fire
  • Prevention – daily routine
To Register or for questions — Call Anna at 858-922-5175 or email at

Full Cleanse Series $400, Early Bird pricing $350 by December 20th. 
Includes: All four classes, a one-hour Intuitive reading/healing, one 30-minute Intuitive check-in during the cleanse and another 30-minute Next Step reading, digital workbook filled with recipes and instructions, access to video cooking/skills demonstrations, shopping lists and more!

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