The Illuminated Earth Oracle Card Deck


I’m so excited to be offering my favorite oracle deck! This Illuminated Earth Oracle Deck by Claire Mack is my go-to oracle card to supplement intuitive readings, receive daily guidance, or help me see a solution when my mind is spinning.

This deck is BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, you guys, it’s probably the most beautiful deck I’ve ever come across. And its THICK – 63 cards. Each card is its own work of art from the lovely Claire and her pictures will speak to you with their many layers of meaning and their infusion of the magic and intention Claire offers.

From Claire’s own website:

“Traditionally used for divination, oracle cards are a contemporary tool enjoyed by many for self-reflection, contemplation, and guidance.  This vibrant, hand-painted and collaged deck of 63 cards combines concepts of the human experience with the beauty and mystery of the natural world.  Each card is intuitively rendered, offering a unique perspective on both practical and metaphysical matters.  Woven within the deck are 12 of my figurative pieces which represent the human element of the seeker here on Earth, whose journey takes them on a path of illumination.  Includes a 24-page booklet with topics of contemplation for each card.”


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Belonging Self Massage Oil

Give yourself the gift of belonging with this medicated massage oil. Formulated for nervous system balance and relaxation, this herbal oil is perfect for using every day as a sacred ritual or when you need a little something extra after a tough day.

Abhyanga is the Ayurvedic practice of self oil massage. The Sanskrit word snehana means both "oil" and "to love." When we apply this hand-made oil in a loving way to each part of our body, not only do we calm our nervous system and nourish our skin, we also call ourselves home through loving kindness.

With a base of neutral sunflower oil and just a hint of warming sesame oil, this oil is great for all skin types. The herbal blend targets the nervous system, and provides both a calming and tonifying effect. There are no essential oils in this mixture, but you can add them yourself. On its own, the finished product has a beautiful, sweet, earthy smell that I can't get enough of!

This blend was tended to lovingly, simmering for hours to extract each plant component, and watched with the razor sharp eyes of a mother hawk. It's small batch medicine - there are only 16 jars total!

Directions: Try it the traditional way by massaging this oil onto every square inch of your skin, working your way from the body's periphery toward the heart. Leave the oils on for 20 minutes or more, the rinse with a hot shower. Dab dry with a towel. Or try it the modern way, but using like a moisturizer all over your skin. Either way, use with loving care and words of kindness toward your body.

Product size: 4 oz bottle with dropper.

Ingredients: Organic sunflower oil, organic sesame oil, organic bala powder, organic ashwaganda powder, organic rose petals, organic cinnamon bark. Please note that the product label says it includes essential oils, but the product does not. The oil smelled so good on its own that I decided to leave them out!