Part 2: The Cult of Positivity + The Curse of Positivity Washing with Sukie Baxter

In Part 2, we jump back in exactly where we left off and lead with the positivity movement being akin to trying to manage the ecology of our emotions. But our body is a wild thing, so who does this serve? We also discuss:

– How the positivity movement serves a post industrial culture, capitalism and external validation
– Learning to be present and internally validated is an act of rebellion against oppressive systems
– Spiritual bypassing: what it is, why it’s dangerous, and why it’s counterproductive to the spiritual movement
– The idea of the positivity movement that all your problems are 100% your responsibility and how that leaves out our circumstances, which are real
– Gratitude journalling and how it’s become bastardized
– What we can do to heal and move forward out of the dangerous positivity movement
– Get present
– Find sensation
– Intuition is in the body, not outside of it
– Emotional triggers and how biology doesn’t understand time
– Using Time-In Corners with kids and adults
– Somatic experiencing and why it’s helpful with emotional trauma
– Your body is a wild animal
– This is a process, not an event

Resources from this episode:
– Antonio Damasio — The Strange Order of Things:
– Guy Claxtion — Intelligence in the Flesh:
– Somatic Experiencing,
– “Healing Through the Dark Emotions” by Miriam Greenspan,
– Heather Plett and Holding Space,
– Time-In Corner,

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