Part 1: The Cult of Positivity + The Curse of Positivity Washing with Sukie Baxter

Posture and movement therapist and friend Sukie Baxter is here with me to have a conversation about positivity – the good, but mostly the bad, ugly and dangerous. Seriously, people – this movement is an epidemic and works against our actual biology. Here’s what we cover in Part 1:

– What is the positivity movement and positivity washing?
– Where the movements show up – in the wellness, fitness, spirituality and coaching communities
– How we miss out on connection if we only allow “good emotions,” since connection is built on “going through” something
– Using biology to explain the ridiculousness of “good” vs “bad” processes or emotions
– The danger of intellectualizing wisdom traditions
– Using horse training and parenting as examples of how nervous systems get shut down, and how we can build resiliency instead
– Our emotion phobic culture
– Repressed emotional trauma
– Identified patient and highly sensitive people
– The relationship behind the positivity movement to colonialism
– Colonialism and how we think we’re right about everything, including nature

Resources from this episode:
– Kelly Diels,
– Horse trainer Warwick Schiller –
– Christine Kent and her book, “Saving the Whole Woman” –
– Brene Brown,

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