Best body workers, naturopaths, and other resources for HSP’s

I often get asked who my go-to contacts are for all things HSP related — not just for HSP therapies, but for all therapies for anyone in a highly sensitive body. I understand that it can be hard to find your ace team of practitioners who understand you and don’t look at you like you’re an alien when you tell them what’s up — when you use eighteen adjectives to describe a certain pain, when you talk about your intuitive hits on your own treatment, and when you ask that the lights be dimmed or the music turned down. You need someone who listens to you and compassionately works in your favor. You deserve someone who understands you, not humors you. This is my ace team of healers who listen and don’t find it strange when you tell them things like you feel something is trapping your bladder into a tilted position (I may have said that to a practitioner once, and I was actually right), or that you think you’re exhausted because you take in too much “stuff.”

These are the therapies that I use most and seem to benefit me most as an HSP. I try to get chiropractic, massage and a fascial therapy regularly, an astroligical reading yearly (but I follow the moon and certain cycles), and the others as needed. You can find your unique blend of therapies to support you! Unless otherwise noted, these practitioners are in the Seattle area.
Chiropractic care:
  • Renata with Seattle Healing Massage. I’ve worked with her for a couple of years. She’s very intuitive and provides a skillful therapeutic massage.
  • I see Liz Barnes out of Dragonfly Holistic Healing. She’s excellent.
  • Heidi Frank. She’s an HSP and really understands the subtle body – physical body connection. Contact her at  or 206-850-1584. Or check her out on Yelp.
Fascial (Connective Tissue) Therapies: Rolfing, Visceral Manipulation and Cranial Sacral Therapy: These therapies are often excellent for HSP’s with different body problems/disorders. It was these therapies that really made a difference to the healing of my back injuries. You can read more about connective tissue disorder and HSP’s here.
  • Sukie Baxter: Seattle Rolfing Therapy. She has SO much knowledge about the body and will set you straight! Fremont, Seattle.
  • Michael Hahn: Visceral Manipulation. He’s incredible. My go-to for visc-manip! Fremont, Seattle.
  • Martha Nicholson: Cranial Sacral and Energy Healing. She was incredible! Queen Anne, Seattle.
  • Jera Ratliff: Visceral Manipulation. She was instrumental in helping me heal my chronic low back pain. Located in San Diego.
 Physical Therapy: 
  • Rachel Krentman or Nicole Mullins with Embody Physical Therapy in San Diego. This place is great for mind, body spirit integration in healing.
  • I’m not yet as familiar with PT’s in Seattle, but the docs at Kinetic Sports Rehab are good if you’re looking for a sports-type physical therapist. They’re not as great for HSP’s, but they’re good at what they do.
  • Teri Campbell at In Physical Therapy. She really works with reprogramming the nervous system to change postural issues.
  • Holly RePenn with Mosaic Astrology. She’s located in SoCal, but she does her chart readings via skype. Totally worth it! I had a natal chart reading years ago and now have a solar return chart (a look at the year ahead) each year as a birthday present for myself. The information is invaluable. Also, her newsletter and articles are great! You might be amazed at how sensitive you are to the movement of the planets. You can also see Holly and I comparing our two disciplines in Healing Hangout here.
Yoga Therapy: 
  • Megan Carroll with If you’re interested in using Yoga as a therapeutic practice to access deeper knowing, she’s the HSP to get you there. You can listen to our Healing Hangout here. She also has a large knowledge of Ayurveda and is a fantastic intuitive.
Naturopathic Health: 
Other HSP Resources:
Ane Axford, Sensitive Leadership.
Elaine Aron’s website.


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