Intuitive Wellness Coaching in Your Words

For the past month or so, I’ve been lucky enough to take two full days a week to start turning what I love to do into a career. This process hasn’t been easy, and I’m nowhere near finished, but I can start to see the first iteration of my offerings taking shape in a concrete way that they never have before. This process is teaching me a lot  — how I relate (or don’t relate) to business and business practices, what my relationships are to money, how I tend to undervalue myself and my offerings, and how difficult I find it to stand up and shout from the rooftops what it is I do.

Behind the scenes, I’ve been busy clarifying and re-clarifying my message — who I am and why I do what I do. I’ve had to ask for help to describe it, because I tend to use technical terms that only make sense to me, and to complicate the simple. This process has humbled me, because I began to ask my clients to explain to me, in their own words, what I do for them. While I’m still working on my verbiage, I wanted to share with you a recent testimonial from on of my clients. If you’re unsure what it is, exactly, that I do, please continue reading as Holly has explained it so eloquently here:

As comforting as it sounds when traditional medicine claims to provide “individualized treatment” and “client-centered care”, the first time I ever actually experienced that was during my sessions with Anna.  Anna moves through the confusion that disease and injury can create, methodically examining each body system and, laser-like, strikes right at the heart of the source, the cause, and the cure.  For me, the source of my disease was outside of my awareness.  Buried beneath my symptoms were layers of unintegrated emotions, images from the past, energies that didn’t belong to me, karmic influences, and seemingly unimportant details that Anna brought to the surface.  As she explained the images she saw I was transported into the realm of my soul and the source of my own power to heal myself.   Far from being a painful process, Anna’s humor, love, and light touch made “coming home to myself” and healing my illness a joyful experience. She was able to give me practical guidelines for grounding myself, for stepping out of the way of the healing energies that emerged, for enhancing those energies, protecting them, and for understanding my soul’s intent and purpose as it related to my disease.  She was also able to quickly and painlessly remove harmful energies that were not aligned with my intent to heal. Sessions with Anna far exceeded my expectations and moved me to a place of health and unprecedented enthusiasm for my unleashed life. She represents a new kind of healing that takes into consideration the body’s innate ability to heal itself given the right environment.  Anna is an expert in understanding what that environment looks like and has the amazing gift of knowing how to create it.  Personally and professionally I am privileged to be able to recommend her without reservations.    

If you’ve been on the fence about experiencing the freedom that intuitive wellness coaching, healing and mentoring, now is the time to try it. I have some new fall specials coming out with my next newsletter (email me if you want to sign up). I’d be honored to be part of your healing journey.

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