How sleep, processing feelings + self-regulation relates in babies (+ adults) with Eliza Parker

Today we dig into the connections between emotions, the psyche, sleep and behavior in babies and toddlers AND adults. Eliza Parker, the woman behind, shares her expertise on how sleep for little ones is connected to everything else, and how we (as highly sensitive parents) can learn to recognize the innate abilities of babies and toddlers for coping with birth, trauma, experiences, feelings and stimulation.

This conversation is not just for parents (but it WILL inform the the highly sensitive parent or the parent of a highly sensitive child). While speaking with Eliza, I noticed so many “ah-ha’s” for myself! Sleep, self-regulation and our ability to cope with life experiences are tools that all highly sensitive people need.

In many ways, this conversation piggy-back’s off the last two episodes with Sukie Baxter and our chats about how the nervous system, emotions and cultural expectations are all related.

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