How Our Enthusiasm gets Blocked & How to Get it Back

Last week I talked about my (un)graceful transition into my life as a full-time business owner. I realize now that those words came from being in the beginning of the transition, the part where we have momentum forward and then we lift off. As I’ve continued to move forward in my transition, I’ve reached the point where I’m letting gravity help me. I’m able to let go of the effort of being in transition and let myself be in that weightless state; a temporary place of stasis where, rather than grasping forward or backward, I’m allowing myself to float. In this position, I am able to receive the help of gravity and of the work that got me to where I am now.

I finished house sitting last Friday and spent Saturday giving readings and healings at a psychic fair at the local psychic school. I love doing fairs; reading or healing one person after the next and having social time with fellow psychics. It was very cathartic and validating for me. It was also very nourishing. At the fair, I realized just how depleted my old job had left me and was filled with a renewed sense of life and vibrancy.

Sunday, I was driving in my car, reflecting on the past few months. Suddenly, an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and joy embraced me and I was brought to tears. Rather than crying over just how depleted I had become, I was joyful tearful in validation of myself and the difficult choices I had to make in order to get to where I was. A huge feeling of freedom embraced me, along with a tingling in every cell of my body that said, “You’re alive! And you get to be so much more alive now!”

We’re told to not hang around with people who take our energy; life is too short. Sometimes though, life creates situations in which we feel we have to be near these types of people for whatever reason — financial, family or social obligation, public transportation or friends who just don’t resonate anymore. It can be hard to break these bonds when we feel like our survival is at stake or that we are obligated through social norms. What I realized through my recent experience was that not only was my energy taken from me, but my enthusiasm was stolen as well.

Ayurvedically, enthusiasm is a function of Vata, the force of air and ether, which has the ability to reach higher realms and draw the natural excitement of the cosmos into our bodies. The spark of creativity and enthusiasm is inherent in each of us, but can get blocked through energetic gunk, putting too much effort into something that doesn’t serve us, and focusing on our energy to protect ourselves from energies we’d be best to disconnect from.

As I drove through town, tears dripping out of smiling eyes, I was overcome with relief. I had my enthusiasm back. As the weekend went on, even my boyfriend noticed the change in my energy. He said, “You’re so much more pleasant and fun now.”

So rather than asking yourself, “Where am I losing energy,” you may want to consider, “Where are there limits to my enthusiasm? Am I experiencing my natural levels of enthusiasm for life? If not, where is it blocked and how can I unblock my natural flow of enthusiasm?”

If you’re not sure how, try this meditation and replace the questions of “Where am I losing power?” with “Where am I losing my enthusiasm?”

When we realize where we are losing our enthusiasm and take courageous steps to get it back, we can live with less effort – like being at the end of a transition, where gravity aids us into the next pose. With my enthusiasm back, I know that I can move into the next pose seamlessly and start the next journey.


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