Holly Repenn of Mosaic Astrology — How Astrology Helps us Heal


Holly Repenn of Mosaic Astrology

I am so excited to be collaborating with Holly Repenn of Mosaic Astrology on the first Healing Hangout on April 17th. There, we’ll be talking about the intersection of astrology and energy medicine and how the two modalities combine to create healing on every level. Holly is an incredible astrologist who is gifted in interpretation. Though her chart readings and interpretations are steeped in the science of astrology, her strength is in how she artfully transforms aspects of your chart into meaningful, flowing statements, drawing pictures with words to help add depth and understanding. Holly has been a huge part of my pathway to health and healing, so I’d like to share with you how I met and have worked with this lovely woman.

In the summer of 2010, I convinced a friend of mine to join me for an astrology fair, a fundraising event hosted by the San Diego Astrological Society. I had never been to a fair like this before, but had decided it was time I get back into studying astrology. It felt important to me that I start to integrate the vast knowledge of astrology into my healing path, and honestly, I also just wanted to have some fun learning a new skill.

Before I went to the event, I traded intuitive readings with a colleague who assured me that I would find the astrologist I was looking for — someone who could act as a guide, a teacher and a friend. She told me, “She’ll be there. Look for a small woman with a long, curly hair.”

When I got to the event, I bought my tickets, scanned the room, and found her. I instantly new that I would be working with this woman, and I went to her for my purchased 10 minute chart reading. The ten minutes I spent with Holly were enough to have me hooked. The way she explained something as simple as my sun sign was so unique; I had never heard such an interesting and true perspective of my sun sign. I felt as though, in only 10 minutes, not only did Holly accurately describe my sign, she described parts of me.

I immediately signed up for a natal chart reading and we met a few weeks later. As she laid out the charts and started explaining what she saw, she weaved a map or a grid over the seeming-chaos of my life, helping me to understand the hows, whys and whens behind much of my journey. Further, not only did Holly paint a map or grid, she outlined practical tips and solutions for working through difficult aspects or energies. I took detailed notes, transcribed them into outlined lists, and referred to them for the next few months.

Her insights were so powerful that I saw her again just before my birthday for my solar return chart, and have since made this a yearly ritual and birthday gift to myself. Each year, I sit down with Holly to help me outline the year — the challenging aspects, areas and times of accelerated growth, and tips and tools to work with the energy presented to me in the cosmos.  Holly helped me understand myself better — who I was in my younger years, what my tendencies are, my best modalities for healing, how to put my energy into successful venture, and how to move forward prepared for the future that awaits.

Additionally, I signed up for Holly’s newsletter, which provides weekly horoscopes, new and full moon articles, and write-ups about significant planetary alignments. What I love so much about her writing is that she always offers how to best work with the energies — so rather than a “hold on to your hat” attitude, she describes how to run with the high winds of change, how to dive into the flow of the universe and keep your wits about you.

Because astrology does such a good job at helping us understand the grid or pattern to our souls, it can be an invaluable tool for alternative healers working with tricky clients. Holly provides services for professional healers to help you understand how astrology can help you work with your clients. You find out more about that here.

Holly hosts astrology classes locally near her home in Laguna Niguel, CA. She posts weekly horoscopes and articles about major aspects and cosmic happenings on her website. If you’ve never had an astrological reading before and are moving through a healing crisis, transition, or are simply curious to understand yourself better, I recommend a birth chart reading from Holly. From there, she can recommend ways to work with her that will be most beneficial to you and your path.

On April 17th, Holly and I will join forces to discuss how astrology and energy medicine work together to provide healing on all levels. If you’ve ever wondered how to structure a healing program and where energy medicine and astrology fit in, please join us! You can listen live, or watch the video later in the archive. Those who listen live will receive a free gift!

Hope to see you there!

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