{Guest Post} A guide to SIBO resources

Today’s post comes from Josh Sabourin, whose website SIBO Survivor provides a wealth of information for those suffering with SIBO or other tummy troubles. Josh is a SIBO survivor himself who found it difficult to find reliable information on SIBO and decided to put together a resource to help others. You can find more information about Josh, plus more information about SIBO, on his website.

A little disclaimer: Please note that Josh is not a medical doctor – you should not use his information for medical diagnosis or treatment, but rather contact your own medical doctor. While Josh and I have similar outlooks on SIBO, the following article and the resources therein is the intellectual property of Josh and may not reflect the attitudes or opinions of Sensitivity Uncensored. Sensitivity Uncensored does not endorse the products recommended on his site, nor are we affiliated with SIBO Survivor financially. It’s your responsibility to make your own health decisions with the help of a qualified medical professional.

Now that that is out of the way, on to the information!

Your highly sensitive nervous system is genius at picking up as much information as possible – big, visible elements as well as the small, subtle elements.

This has many amazing benefits like heightened creativity, an innate sense of what someone else needs and ability to feel really deeply. Some of the world’s greatest minds are highly sensitive.

Having this genetic trait often comes with the challenge of developing tummy troubles like SIBO, IBS, or other digestive issues because of the gut to nervous system connect.

There are many great resources online to help you, but it can be challenging to know where to look.

The internet can be a confusing place with tons of conflicting information. It’s hard to know which resources can actually help you. In this guide we outline all of the best resources available if you’re dealing with SIBO or gut issues. By using these different tools and resources available on the web you most definitely will find improved health and better knowledge of the condition you are dealing with.

Understanding SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth)

Understanding the condition and why it occurs can help you make the best possible health care decisions. This will also allow you to ask intelligent questions with your doctor and choose the right health interventions. Below are a few top resources to help you understand SIBO.

  1. A Medical Overview of SIBO– This scientific journal walks you through a complete overview of small intestine bacterial overgrowth from definition to treatment.
  2. Siboinfo.com– This web page gives you a simple overview of SIBO and what problem occurs with the condition.
  3. Dr. Pimentel’s Brief Overview– Dr. Mark Pimentel a leading IBS and SIBO researcher from Cedars Sinai medical center in Los Angeles gives a brief summary of IBS and SIBO.
  4. Interview with Dr. Pimentel– This is an interview with Dr. Pimentel about the evolution of the condition.
  5. SIBO Overview Blog Article– This is a blog article which gives a simple overview of SIBO.

Research Studies

If you’re a science nerd or want the most concrete scientific data reading through a few different medical journals can help you if you’re struggling with SIBO.

  1. Bacterial Overgrowth Syndrome– This study gives another overview of SIBO.
  2. Autoimmunity as a Potential Cause– This study investigates autoimmunity as a potential cause of post-infectious IBS or SIBO
  3. Hydrogen and Methane Breath Testing– A study on the consensus of hydrogen and methane breath testing.
  4. Diet for IBS and SIBO– This is a medical journal that studies the effects of diet on IBS.
  5. Elemental Diet Effectiveness– Shows the effectiveness of using an elemental diet for SIBO treatment.
  6. Herbal Therapy Effectiveness– Shows the effectiveness of using herbal antimicrobials compared to normal.
  7. SIBO Relapse Rate Study– Important study to read so that you understand relapse is common and there must be steps taken to address this and work towards long term strategy.

Treatment and Testing Guides

If you’re dealing with SIBO or gut issues you may need to investigate potential treatment options to find some relief. These resources can help you navigate that topic.

  1. A Complete SIBO Treatment Overview– This article walks you through SIBO treatment options from natural to pharmaceutical in a simple way.
  2. Overview of Antibiotics Used– A page that outlines different antibiotics that can be used.
  3. Elemental Diet Treatment– Overview of the elemental diet for SIBO treatment.
  4. Homemade Elemental Diet Recipe– This is Dr. Siebecker’s formula for making your own elemental diet.
  5. SIBO Breath Testing Guide– This article walks you through everything you need to know about breath testing to diagnose SIBO.
  6. Best Test for SIBO Article– Great post by Dr. Ruscio who helps patients with digestive disorders.

Diet & Recipe Resources

Eating a healthy diet that’s low in fermentable carbohydrates can help people with SIBO or gut issues. Here are a few of the top resources to help you understand diet and cook some amazing recipes.

  1. Dr. Siebecker’s Diet Page– This page gives you a comprehensive overview of dietary treatment for SIBO.
  2. Simple SIBO Diet Overview– Another comprehensive overview of dietary recommendations and different diets for SIBO.
  3. Beautiful Recipe Resource– A resource with tasty and beautiful SIBO friendly recipes from a nutritionist Riley Wimminger.
  4. SIBO Diet Recipes– A site which has a number of different SIBO recipes to try.
  5. SIBO Recipes Page– Great recipe resource.
  6. Healthy Gut Recipes– A plethora of sibo recipes, cookbooks, and meal planning guides.
  7. SIBO Nutritionist Recipes– More awesome recipes from a nutritionist.

Other Amazing Resources

A few additional resources that can be very helpful to point you in the right direction.

  1. Symptomatic Relief List– Dr. Siebecker’s symptomatic relief suggestion list.
  2. SIBO Recommended Products Resource– SIBO Survivor’s recommended products guide.
  3. New IBS Solution Book– A leading researchers book.
  4. SCD Diet Book– Breaking the vicious cycle a book about the SCD diet.
  5. Low-FODMAP Book– Book about the Low-FODMAP diet which can help SIBO patients.
  6. Solving SIBO Toolkit– Comprehensive resource on SIBO written from a patient’s perspective.
  7. SIBO Discussion Group– A facebook group to ask questions and find answers.
  8. Practitioner Spreadsheet– Sheet that lists practitioners in the US and Internationally.
  9. The Healthy Gut Podcast– Interviews with different doctors.
  10. Dr. Ruscio Radio– Podcast episodes with Dr. Ruscio.
  11. Cedars Sinai GI Motility Team– The leading research team working to find new solutions.


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