Flying by the seat of my belly-banded pants

Do you ever wake up in the early morning and think, Fuck it. I’m tired of waiting. It feels wrong. I’m going to run my Sensitive Self Defense course, even though it’s not new and shiny and rebranded on my new website.

No? Just me?

Well, you know, not exactly like that, but you get what I’m saying, right?

Those were the thoughts I had last Friday morning, as the spring dawn (read: noisy birds) woke me up at the crack of some hideous hour. It was the very first thought I had, and it was very, very clear.

You see, I’ve been waiting – waiting for the new website to be up and running. Waiting to try out my fancy new web copy for the program, the new name and new branding, waiting for a better time with a better location – just waiting. In the meantime, it was like everyone I came in contact with asked me when the next course was available. I mean, geez, wanted to know when the next course was available.

Now, there’s something to be said for patience. Absolutely. There’s something to be said for not forcing things forward, for going with the flow, for letting life unfold.

But there’s also something to be said for grabbing life by the honkers and flying by the seat of your recently too-small, belly-banded pants.

And that, my friends, is the direction I decided to go. I want to teach another round of Sensitive Self Defense while I’m still able to see my feet. So that is what’s going to happen.

Join the only LIVE session of Sensitive Self Defense in 2016, starting June 2nd.

Join SSD with courageThis is the ONLY time this year I’ll be teaching the course live. I will be launching the on-demand version of the newly-branded program (same content, new package) sometime this fall, but this is the only time this year to get one-on-one teaching, attention, humor and community. I’m really excited to teach this course – I sure hope you’ll join me.

Click here to learn more, find dates and register!

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