Episode 50: A farewell to this podcast, plus a reading from the intro of my new book!

All good things must come to an end, and episode 50 is the final episode of the podcast! Thank you to all who made this possible and who supported my work in this endeavor – I am forever grateful to you!

In this episode, I talk a bit about what to expect from my work moving forward, what my maternity leave looks like, and then I move into talking about my new book that launched today! The book is called “Embracing High Sensitivity: Your HSP Guidebook to Eliminating Overwhelm, Handling Difficult Emotions, and Becoming the Boss of Your Life.” It’s on my website (link below) and available in all major ereader formats. It’s a perfect gift for the hsp in your life!

To finish off this episode, I read to you the introduction from the book, giving you the lens through which the book was written and leaving you with my deepest beliefs about high sensitivity and our place as hsps in this world. I hope you enjoy it (and I hope you buy the book, too! I wrote it for you!)

One more thing – there is one last recording in this podcast, which is a simple gift to you–a sound healing. There is no guided meditation, it’s just me playing my singing bowls for you to listen to when you need the ambiance to calm your nervous system. Enjoy!

Learn more: www.sensitivityuncensored.com
Get the book: www.sensitivityuncensored.com/book