Episode 36: Happy Solstice! Your white light of protection isn’t working + Solstice rituals

In this Season Two finale, I break down the energies of demand and perfection and how not to get side-swiped by them this holiday season. I move on to talking about why white lights of protection don’t work (plus what does), how I’m celebrating the holidays, and simple rituals you can incorporate to make this winter solstice special.

I also talk about how the podcast is changing in the new year – including push dates that fall on the new and full moons, all part of my goals to connect more deeply to natural rhythms and ancient earth wisdom.

I talk about my Solstice Sale, happening now until Monday December 24, where you can receive $25 a single session OR my Spiritual Hygiene class. Just use code SOLSTICE25 when booking (link below).

Books mentioned: We’Moon calendar for a lunar calendar
If Women Rose Rooted by Sharon Blackie

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