Episode 34: Honoring your unique wiring + evolutionary astrology with Dena Decastro

What if there was a reason behind how you were made and innately wired? What if everything that you are served a spiritual purpose? Today, evolutionary astrologer Dena Decastro and I explore those questions as we look at life through the lens of evolutionary astrology.

Evolutionary astrology takes the view point that everything in your chart is divinely inspired and created to help you grow and achieve as a spirit. Knowing our birth chart can help us understand not only who we are, but why we are. Using yearly charts and learning key professions can help us understand what energies are available to us, what paths we have in front of us, and how to make the most out of any life challenge.

Dena has been working in this field for nearly 20 years and has a wealth of information to share with us. I absolutely loved this conversation AND the reading I had with her three weeks before. Take a listen to hear about my South and North nodes and get a peek at my life purpose!

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