Episode 27: Honoring the wisdom of your body, fascia, and rethinking Kegels with Sarah Geis


Your body is wise. It has intricate systems for processing information, including holding that information inside its cells. Sarah and I talk about the fascia – our body’s connective tissue – and how it holds us together, both physically and emotionally.

Sarah is a physical therapist and John F. Barnes myofascial release practitioner who believes that we can find freedom and resiliency in our lives by listening deeply and responding to the wisdom of the body.

In this conversation, we talk about:
-How trauma is stored in the body
-How fascia is the web that holds us together and what happens when it gets sticky
-How highly sensitive people are prone to fascial restrictions and what we can do about them
-How myofascial release helps the body restore balance naturally, without force
-What the pelvic floor is really all about and why we need to rethink Kegel exercises
-How our cultural and social norms create pressure that has a physical effect on the body, and how we can heal (and be a rebellion while we’re at it).

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