Episode 24: Feel into your limitless spirit with Dan Marchini

Welcome to Season 2! This episode, I take a moment to orient you to how this season will roll out plus what to expect from Healers.

Dan grew up on a farm in California. In college, he figured out how to get his family out of farming by creating a large and successful produce company. Along the way, he developed some physical pain for which he finally sought the help of a cranial-sacral practitioner.

His spiritual journey started there, and five years later, Dan is still managing his produce company but taking more time off to offer energy healings. He uses his incredible clairsentient ability to help clients resolve past-time wounding and triggers and bring them closer to the limitless love and truth of their soul.

What I loved most about my time with Dan was his positive attitude and open mind. Dan has an incredible ability to make lemonade from lemons; a skill that we could each learn from. I hope you enjoy his perspective!

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