Episode 20: Community freedom vs personal freedom and intuition is not supernatural

In this episode, you’ll hear these things:

Personal development needs a SO THAT:

  • Whose stolen land do you live on?
  • Why personal work must include a SO THAT…..
  • Restating my mission: Highly sensitive people have an important place on the planet
  • Why personal development work is important for us and why it can’t end with us
  • The problems with personal development work
  • What the tools of personal development really do and why it’s important for community freedom
  • Sukie and her wild mustang, Shelby, and what their relationship tells us about how our personal space relates with the rest of the world and those around us
  • We can’t be personally free unless everyone else is free, and the ways in which I am personally experiencing that in my current life
  • You and I aren’t free until the systems of oppression are dismantled

Intuitive development is not supernatural

  • Like athleticism, intuition is something that we can have a gift for, and that most of us can participate in, whether or not we do it professionally
  • Sensitivity is one of the natural gifts that lays the groundwork for a specialty in intuition
  • Sensitivity is the precursor to empathy
  • Intuitive readings aren’t supernatural, their just a way to more acutely use empathy
  • We might have strengths in one or more of the clair’s, but we can learn them all

The need for sensitives and empaths to have a sacred space together

  • My shameless plug for The Refuge for Sacred Rebellion
  • The personal spaces where I’m needing support of other people, and why I’m glad The Refuge exists now
  • The Sensitive Self Defense course that is part of The Refuge and what the tools have meant for members
  • How The School for Sacred Rebellion teaches the clair’s and finishes with an Integration Mentorship to help you do you – the intuitive
  • The link to The Refuge

If we want to live in a world where sensitivity is respected –

  • If we want the ease, the intuitive, the sensitive to be as respected as the pushing, the cognitive, the callous, we need collective freedom
  • We need both personal work and collective/community work
  • This is an intersectional feminist issue
  • This is an issue for equality – not just for people but also for what we value as communities
  • We can’t create a sensitive world unless we who are doing this personal work get out in the world

So what can you do?

  • From Andréa Renae:
  • Get clear about what is present for you now
  • What is your vision?
  • What are the challenges that are in the way?
  • Solutions + Strategies + Experiments

We want you in The Refuge if you need a place

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