Episode 18: Sharyn Holmes on raising gutsy girls, finding your voice and dismantling patriarchy

I found Sharyn on Instagram, where her Gutsy Girl Art and #dearselfstyledguru posts really caught my attention. I love the incredibly courageous way that Sharyn shares her truth publicly, and I admire her for it. Sharyn calls out the ways in which well-meaning spiritual white women are a part of problem, and this is what lead me to listen, intently, to what she had to say. I hope you’ll do the same.

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In this conversation, you’ll hear:

  • How Sharyn started Gutsy Girl as a hobby, and how she got into the work and how it’s evolved since she opened her doors.
  • How mantras can invoke the fire for doing deep soul work
  • Why tool kits are important
  • The superpower of being an empath and how Sharyn helps bring that out in women and girls
  • Sharyn’s leadership program and how it continues to pay itself forward
  • The sisterhood wounds and how her work helps to heal them
  • Our individual sisterhood wounds
  • How I learned I was too much – in my preverbal years, and again when I was 11
  • How Sharyn’s work calls out white spiritual leaders and others in order to help dismantle white supremacy and patriarchy
  • How Sharyn has been fighting for a long time, and her personal evolution to finding her voice
  • “I’m writing this stuff because it needs to be written.”
  • All of the intersecting identities and privileges we need to take into account, educate ourselves about, and dismantle in order to do right work
  • The common response from white people to POC is, “You’re shaming me.” Which is whiteness weaponized. Being called out is different than being shamed, and when people are doing their work, they know the difference.
  • The proper response is, “Thank you for showing me where my work is.”
  • What questions white people (people in a position of power) need to be asking, and if not, why aren’t they?
  • What else white spiritual leaders can do to help level the playing field and dismantle white supremacy
  • Sovereignty – free will/personal freedom – self awareness and self acceptance
  •  What Sharyn does in her free time
  • The one thing Sharyn would like you to know

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