Episode 17: My “Come to heart” moment (Part II of Episode 15)

I finished up Episode 15 talking about how I learned to read, and how it was important for me to have someone to have my back – a teacher, colleagues, and also a connection to Spirit. This is how finding that connection happened for me.

In this podcast, you’ll hear a story that goes something like this:

  • I do all of this unscripted. I hope you’ll bear with me.
  • I was born a seeker. I’ve always sought meaning
  • It’s always been important to find resonance in the important parts of my life.
  • My experiences going to Mormon church with my friends and cousins as a little child and what they meant to me
  • What my family did on Sundays/weekends
  • My experience at Mormon girl’s camp
  • The fallout in my family after my experience at Mormon girl’s camp
  • Eventually, I found the rules of Mormonism didn’t resonate with me
  • My church hopping teenage years
  • My religion hopping college years
  • How nature became the one place I could receive the same spiritual experience I had in churches
  • When I was in nature and had the space, I began to hear
  • I was receiving information at a time when I was over-compensating for my sensitivity and trying to be “normal” and how I responded to hearing Spirit
  • My personal brand of over-compensation
  • The messages I received from the nature spirits, and my response
  • History of back injury and how “the big one” was part of my spiritual awakening
  • How the back injury was Spirit taking away all my distractions, creating a turning point in my life
  • The discomfort of having my world turned upside down
  • All of the tools I had used to cope with suffering – exercise and yoga – were unavailable to me
  • I wanted to exit my first marriage, but I was afraid.
  • My trip to India with my friends from Ayurvedic school
  • The fear of going to India
  • The difference I experienced being in India; not being able to hide
  • “Why are you so sad,” they all said.
  • “Your heart energy is not attractive.” And all of what that meant.
  • What happens when good friends show up for you?
  • Meditating on the Ganges River and connecting with a new guy, Shiva
  • The resounding sound of “YES” and how that connection became constant for me
  • Shooting the shit with Source
  • Coming back from India and the difference between head and heart
  • The two path meditation and what it told me
  • The path to let go of fear and build courage
  • The new path – feeling my way through life rather than thinking and how it’s become the new way (it’s still a practice; I’m no where near perfect at it)
  • The importance of having a good teacher
  • Your group oracle!



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