Episode 16: All about SIBO with Dr. Sabrina Kimball, ND

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, or SIBO, is a digestive disease that is frustratingly common in sensitive individuals. I’ve had a history of this condition and talk about it in several of my blog posts. In this conversation, Dr. Kimball and I dig into all things SIBO. Consider this one of your go-to resources for understanding this condition.

In this conversation, you’ll hear:

  • A bit of my story dealing with and healing from SIBO
  • How Dr. Kimball became interested in and an expert treatment in SIBO
  • How SIBO is a new diagnosis (15 year ago), which means that it’s still emerging. Some doctors don’t yet understand it or recognize that it exists.
  • SIBO is a specialty and should be, in Dr. K’s opinion, because of how tricky it is to treat. The common frustrations when searching for treatment with SIBO
  • What SIBO is
  • The different types of SIBO, how they’re different and why they’re treated differently
  • How or why SIBO occurs
  • What treatment looks like and what people should be prepared for
  • People need to be prepared for a four to six month treatment plan to start with, even for re-treatment
  • The different treatment phases
  • How diarrhea and mixed-type SIBO can often be treated in 4-6 months, while constipation type can take much longer due to complication factors
  • How SIBO is tested for
  • The recommended and researched diet for recovery – the low-fodmap diet is the only diet researched to be effective
  • Monash University and their research on the fodmap diet
  • What fodmaps are
  • How to heal from SIBO if you have a pattern or history of disordered eating
  • How recovery is approached for vegetarians and vegans with the low fodmap diet
  • How important it is to have support moving through the healing of SIBO
  • The different phases of healing and what they are, look and feel like
  • Things to watch out for during the healing process
  • Extra healing modalities that can help with treatment
  • My article connecting SIBO, high sensitivity, connective tissue and the psoas
  • Why we don’t want to be on a low-fodmap diet long-term
  • How my pregnancy helped with my healing in the last phase of treatment
  • Dr. Kimball’s take on using probiotics during treatment and healing
  • Why SIBO is often confused for other conditions and the conditions that can show up alongside SIBO
  • SIFO
  • Factors that can lead to or make one more susceptible to SIBO
  • The longterm prognosis of SIBO – what to expect
  • How to look for good information on SIBO on the internet – the red flags
  • Resources:
  • The one thing Dr. Kimball would like you to know about having SIBO
  • Where you can find Dr. Kimball – currently at The University Health Clinic, soon to be Meridian Medicine in North Seattle


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