Episode 13: A live, intuitive reading on air plus a narrative of what’s happening behind the scenes

Today we’re digging right in to the heart of my work:

Intuitive readings and healings.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous to publish this post. I must have sat down in meditation eight times during the process – recording, cutting, editing – before I hit publish. This feels very vulnerable and pretty damn scary. Spirit keeps nodding Her head – yes, my dear, put it out there – and rolling Her eyes – you’ll get over it, you always do.


In this episode I talk a bit about the way I understand the spirit world. You’ll hear:

  • What energy vibrations are and how I use them to get information clairvoyantly
  • How I combine my clairvoyant and claircognizant abilities in readings, and use clairsentient abilities sparingly – and why
  • My approach to readings – what’t they’re like for me, why I ask my client questions before I read
  • The spiritual agreement between client and Intuitive
  • How the energy of the client reveals what needs to be said, seen, revealed – even if it’s not asked about

Then we dig into a live reading with my client, “Heidi.” Her name and personal details have been changed to help protect her identity. I had full permission to take and share this recording.

Heidi asks for insight about her health and her position as a healer in the world. You’ll notice that her aura actually reveals another important topic first, which we spend some time on. Through this topic, I’ll stop the recorded reading to explain how belief systems (conscious or not) affect our ability to create, have and move with freedom (or not) through the world.

I look at the overall state of Heidi’s health, and dig into some food sensitivity questions.

In her question about her position as a healer, you’ll see how the energy system reveals the difference between the ego and Soul, and what Spirit’s guidance is (spoiler alert – you almost always know what Spirit is asking. You just want to hear it from someone else! No judgement here, I totally get it).

We finish with what I call a “next step,” talk about what that is, and see what Spirit asks Heidi to follow up with. I end the recording with a follow-up on how the session effected Heidi.

And while I’m at it, I thought I’d try something else new – a group oracle section at the very end. If you make it through the whole podcast, stick around to the very end where I channel a spiritual message just for listeners. I had a lot of fun doing it, really. If you’re a supported on Patreon, your freebie from this podcast will be the ability to ask me questions and get a quick give minute reading!

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