E40: The importance of destruction + Virgo Full Moon + Patreon changes + Free Intuition Course

Today’s episode is a shorter update. I cover the Virgo full moon energy and what’s available to us now, how to ritualize and make sacred this part of the lunar cycle, and how to work with the ever changing lunar energy.

I’m using Patreon differently, and this is your change to figure out how you can be part of an experiment that challenges capitalistic structures and seeks to take care of each other as members of the highly sensitive community. Listen in to find out how this new system works.

SO much is happening in the Refuge, my free membership group, including a FREE course called Intuition Lives that will be all about what intuition is (and what it’s not), how to access it, and games to play to strengthen your inherent intuitive gifts. Want to play? Sign up for the Refuge:


Then, we talk about the importance of destruction as a means for transformation. Highly sensitive people are geared toward fixing and healing – which are great skills – but not always the right one for all situations. How do we learn to embrace destruction (hint: we’ll connect to how Mama Earth does it) so we can transform and manifest more clearly?

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