E39: Jen Vertanen and how her not-okayness helped my not-okayness + depression + anxiety + New moon

Today, Jen Vertanen, host of the Going There podcast, go deep into our personal struggles and stories with depression and anxiety. The goal of our conversation today isn’t to talk clinically about these conditions, but rather to help normalize them by sharing our experiences.

Trigger warning: depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts.

We dig deep into how depression has affected our lives, the low points in our journey, and the tools we learned to dig out. And because Jen is more of an optimist than I, we also talk about the silver linings – what have we learned or what do we keep learning from these struggles?

In the introduction, I talk about the new moon on Monday, February 3rd, as well as the holiday Imbolc that has just passed. I offer a bit of guidance on this new moon time and offer an oracle card reading to help you in this next cycle.

Follow her work at jenvertanen.com, and join the conversation on Instagram @goingtherewithjen. Listen to her podcast at jenvertanen.com/podcast.

For info about the Black Dog of Depression we mentioned, find that here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiCrniLQGYc

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