E38: Healer, ground yourself! The ins and outs of grounding + Full Moon in Leo + Imbolc Magic

This full moon, I take on the ins and outs of grounding – what it is, what it’s not, and why it’s important. I cover the physical, psychological and spiritual benefits of grounding, what it provides and what it requires, and why it’s dangerous to be an ungrounded healer.

I cover why grounding is the number one tool for highly sensitive people, and how we can use it to reduce overwhelm, get nourished and feel supported.

I talk about a new product I’m offering – a medicated herbal body oil called “Belonging,” which you can use as a self-massage oil. Applied with loving intentions to your body, it helps calm your nervous system and call yourself home. Get it at www.sensitivityuncensored.com/#boutique

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