E37: Thrive in a relationship as an HSP + body-based practices for connection with Kendra + Francis

We made it to 2019! Today on the show, I start with a deep dive into the energy of this new moon, some of the effects of the partial solar eclipse, suggestions for rituals you can do, AND an oracle reading to boot!

Next, I jump into some upcoming events:

1. Instagram Live New Website Launch Party! Jan 5th, 10am PST on Instagram @sensitivity_uncensored. Join live to be entered into a drawing for FREE GOODIES from me and Rebecca Woodmass of QueerIT

2. My Spiritual Hygiene course is happening in Seattle on Sunday, January 13th – sign up now to get your spot: sensitivityuncensored.com/school

3. For now, add 30 minutes to your session with me for $25. Book at sensitivityuncensored.com/work-together

4. The Refuge for Sacred Rebellion is now FREE and OFF OF FACEBOOK. Praise the Goddess, then click to join: the-refuge-for-sacred-rebellion.mn.co/

Finally, I interview Kendra Charts and Frances Tabin of AcroCouple.com about being two hsp people in a loving, long-term committed relationship (and how the heck you make that happen). We talk about how acro yoga can be used as a platform of self-discover and increase the effectiveness of communication and consent. Kendra offers three tips to help you get centered and confident in your body now.

Find Kendra and Tabin at acrocouple.com, and be sure to sign up for one of their upcoming retreats. Who doesn’t want to play in the Philippines?

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