Days two and three

Well, it was time to leave Utah and start the 13+ hour drive back to San Diego, which we decided to pursue over two days. On Saturday, January 2nd, I decided to get up early and practice my asanas before sitting in a car the rest of the day. I thought since I practiced the previous night after skiing, I’d be all set for a morning session. Not the case. My back (an injury I’ve been working to heal since July) had stiffened up terribly. I practiced for an hour, but never quite got my tight tack to open up again.

On the 3rd of January, we finished the long drive home and arrived quite early; 1:00pm. Todd was interested in running “the loop,” a four mile track starting from our home which includes some pavement running, but more than half through Tecolote canyon. I had run maybe once in the past month due to my back, but decided to go anyway. Huffing the last mile, I made it, and quickly set out two mats for a post-run practice for both of us.

This practice humbled me. I was both practicing and teaching to my husband, and I had to take a step back and remember what it feels like to be a stiff, athletic beginner. Instead of rushing on in the practice, I found my compassion and worked us both through several modifications. We worked on our backs, hips, and legs for about 30 minutes and it was like magic–my felt great the next day! Wish I could say the same for my upper back and shoulders–I never realized how tight I must hold them when I run.


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