Day 31: Original goal accomplished

Today was my 31st day of yoga in a row. My original goal – to practice yoga everyday for the month of January – is complete. This month I have learned a lot of things, but most of all, I’ve learned that daily practice isn’t just a goal for me, it has become my way of life.

At the end of December, when I looked out over the month of January and what I was aiming to accomplish with my daily yoga practice, I had my doubts. I wondered if I would get bored – I am a person who likes to do a lot of activities to keep my body in shape. I wondered if I would find a daily yoga practice monotonous. I wondered if it would be hard to fit the practice into my days, especially since I was taking on two additional jobs. I thought that I would be relieved when the 31 days were over.
But I’m not. At all. In fact, my daily practice has become a priority. Similar to brushing my teeth or eating dinner. When I am tired, my practice invigorates me. When I am energized, my practice takes me to a level of endorphin-filled ecstasy. When I am stressed, my practice and my breath turn my mind into a sanctuary and allow me to forget my worries.
I look forward to a year of practice. I’m not sure that I will be able to accomplish 365 days of asana practice, but I know that I can accomplish 365 days of yoga – whether it’s asana, pranayama, or another yoga modality. I really want to explore parts of yoga that I don’t know as much about – different types of pranayama, yoga tradition, and different asana practices – while I continue to learn and teach. I’ll continue to blog about my experience here.
Thanks for following me thus far. I hope that my blog has been as helpful to you as it has been for me. I hope you’ll continue to read and offer your comments, discussion, and support. Namaste.

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