Day 20: Acting great and keeping your sense of humor

Today was one of those days where I just felt great.  What makes one day great and stand out from other days that are just mediocre?  
Some days, it’s so easy just to “hang out” in life.  Hang out in your yoga class (because you’ve done virabrudrasana II a million times), hang out at work (because you’ll get to it tomorrow) and hang out in your conversations, interactions and actions in the world.  Gates says that the key to living the 8-fold path is through our actions–good intentions mean nothing.  So the key to having those great days, to really living what we preach, is to act great all the time.  But what about those days when you just don’t have it in you?  Fake it until you make it.
I often ask my students if they want to get half the benefits of their practice, or all the benefits.  It’s definitely their choice.  There’s no way that any instructor can force their students to find every last crack and crevice of a posture if they don’t want to.  An instructor can inspire their students to act great, but the choice is ultimately up to them.  Somedays, even I don’t feel very good and want to hang out.  Next time I have an off day, I’ll try faking how great I am until my body, actions, mind, emotions, whatever gets in line to support me.
Act great everyday.  What a concept.  If we act great, maybe those great days will be closer together.  What made my day great today?  I had an honest conversation with a friend and client, I was able to give my dog a walk between the heavy rain storms we’ve been having, at work I was fully vested in the project at hand and felt that my boss was interested in my comments, and in yoga practice I found sanctuary of mind that included a wonderful camaraderie of new friends.  And throughout the day, I kept my sense of humor.  Always, always keep your sense of humor.  That way, when you realize you’re not acting as great as you’d like, you can laugh at yourself and try again.
“What is the key to untie the knot of your mind’s suffering?  Act great.  My dear, always act great.” ~Hafez.  And, I would add, always keep your sense of humor.

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