Day 11: (over) Abundance and Coming Home

When it rains, it pours.
Or so they say.  I’ve written a lot about looking for more ways to make money, and finally sitting down and meditation on brining abundance into my life.  Well, it’s here.  As I weigh my options, I’m already worried about over-commitment, which is something I’ve been accused of in the past, and which is something that, after almost of year of part-time employment, sounds really, really tiring.
I’ve been offered three jobs; two in yoga teaching and another building an artists colony/retreat center in the mountains.  The retreat center is a life-long dream of mine and I wouldn’t dream of passing up this part time work.  It has also been my goal to expand my yoga teaching to additional venues, and I’ve been offered two opportunities this week, both at different studios.  I am unsure of what to do.  I want to make sure that I’m not over-committing my time and energy.  I want to have time for my yoga practice and meditation each day, so that I can continue to grow as an instructor and yogi.  Not to mention the extra time needed to recover from teaching two 6am classes (nap time is essential!).
My yoga practice felt wonderful today, under the steady guidance of Tim at Asana One.  I thought a lot about the spiritual guidance I received today from “Mediations from the Mat,” which is about the body and mind finding a sense of place, a sense of grounding and moving home, when we practice yoga.  Gates says that this instinct that our body has toward a yoga practice is the same instinct that moves a flower to face the sun, or animals to care for their young.  Gates says, “There is a wisdom within us that is more powerful than our despair.  There is a movement toward health that our intellect can merely glimpse, once in a while. . . .This life force has provided us with the priceless, miraculous opportunity of our yoga practice.  All we need to do is cultivate an open heart, to express our gratitude on and off the mat, and to celebrate the return of our hero.”  I apply this to the state of my body and mind.  I know that I have within me the power to heal my back and to have a healthy body, and that yoga is the way to get there.  I also apply Gates’ message to my current job/choice situation.  If I am open and honest with my self and show my gratitude toward the universe, the decision will be easy because it will feel like coming home.

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