Create space for transitions

There’s this thing I like to call “Survival Mode.” It’s a feeling, steeped in fear, that overtakes you, making everything on your plate seem urgent, serious and life-threatening. It’s an anxiety that gets your thoughts swirling around and around, and keeps you from finding truth, trust or, at the very least, a clear next step. Energetically speaking, it’s when your … Read More

Flying by the seat of my belly-banded pants

Do you ever wake up in the early morning and think, Fuck it. I’m tired of waiting. It feels wrong. I’m going to run my Sensitive Self Defense course, even though it’s not new and shiny and rebranded on my new website. No? Just me? Well, you know, not exactly like that, but you get what I’m saying, right? Those were … Read More

Managing Sadness and Other Dark Emotions

As I look outside my window, I see trees that have dropped their leaves, ground plants turned brown and wilting under a skiff of snow and a sun that hangs low in the southern sky. It is fall, nearly winter, and all around us nature is taking a break. It’s getting ready to hibernate, to conserve resources, end one cycle … Read More

Transforming Yourself Without Ensuring Acceptance from Others

I’ve been reflecting a lot recently on idea of transformation, authenticity, and healing. Now that I’ve been engaged for a over a week, I’ve found myself looking at the big events in my life as markers and the time in between as times of growth, change and transition leading to transformation. It’s as if these big events in some way … Read More

6 Steps to Help you Answer the Big Questions

We are told that if we only think hard enough, long enough, in a straight enough line, that we will have our answers. That we should be able to answer all our questions through critical thinking and mental searching. Sometimes, this is true. Making decisions about which route to take through rush hour traffic, about which t-shirt to buy given … Read More

Home is where the ______ is.

Last week I traded the back-and-forth Seattle springtime weather for constant sun and 72 — I went back to San Diego. The trip was personal. I spent time with some of my very best friends, visited my old animals and ex-husband, and reconnected with people to whom I thought my ties were severed. It was also business. I had quality … Read More

How Our Enthusiasm gets Blocked & How to Get it Back

Last week I talked about my (un)graceful transition into my life as a full-time business owner. I realize now that those words came from being in the beginning of the transition, the part where we have momentum forward and then we lift off. As I’ve continued to move forward in my transition, I’ve reached the point where I’m letting gravity … Read More

How to Shift Away from a Life Tolerated to a Life Chosen

Which parts of your life are you tolerating, and which are you choosing? I was recently reading a book called “Life Well Spoken,” by Kris Prochaska. In it, she asked this question, which has since significantly shifted my life. It wasn’t that the idea was new, or that I hadn’t thought about it, it was that it was so bluntly … Read More

Somedays, I Feel Like a Spy

Some days, I think I would make a perfect spy. On those certain days, people I interact with don’t recognize me. I can walk by and wave stand next to them at the grocery store and all I get are blank stares. Other days, I feel like I’m invisible all together. Just last night on the drive home from work, … Read More

Tool #4: The First Essential Step to Healing: Havingness

As we start to move into the holiday season, we often start to think of all the things we’re asked to give. Give thanks, give presents, give time, give energy, give give give give give. Don’t get me wrong, giving is great! When done in the right attitude, it helps us cultivate gratitude, which helps us find more contentment and … Read More