They should have known I’d start my own rebellion

It was spring. The lawn in the backyard was still brown, but the snow had melted. It was cool enough that you needed a jacket, but not if you were just running to the neighbor’s house, which is where I was. It was 1989 or so. I had spent most of the morning at one of my friend’s house. Our … Read More

Ingredients for Empathy

You cannot intellectualize empathy. You, of course, know this as a highly sensitive person. Because if you could intellectualize empathy, you could also intellectualize yourself out of empathy. Which, you know from experience, is not really possible. Empathy, by definition, is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and feel their feelings. Empathy requires feeling. It requires sensation. Which is … Read More

Are you a shadow superhero?

Last week, I hosted my monthly Sensitive One Meet-up, a national group started by Sensitive Leadership founder Ane Axford. I organize the Seattle chapter of the group, and we’ve just started working our way through The Artist’s Way, a fantastic book by Julia Cameron that has so much to offer highly sensitive people. (By the way – if you’re in Seattle and … Read More

Are your belief systems holding you hostage?

I love systems – systems for learning, systems for business, systems for health. When I consciously implement the best systems possible in order to make my life easier, happier and more fulfilled, I win. When I don’t, I start to feel like I’m being held hostage. The systems we have in place for our life can either bring us greater freedom or … Read More

Why Faith is Important, and Why Faith Doesn’t Equal Religion

For the past several weeks, I’ve been hit with questions regarding faith and its nature, meaning and implications. It all started a few weeks ago, when the Seattle Seahawks won the game that would take them to the Superbowl in an unexpected come-back. During the nail-biting fourth quarter (which I actually didn’t watch, I just listened to the neighbors downstairs cheer), … Read More

My SIBO Journey: The Beginning

This is where I began over a year ago, and let me save you the trouble – this protocol didn’t work. It wasn’t until I found a better doctor that things got better. Check out what worked for me on SIBO Update #4: Complete Protocol Change. A note to the reader: this is a graphic description of small intestine bacterial … Read More

How (not) to write a Christmas letter

I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to formulate a Christmas card for the season.  I usually spring for a nice picture with a simple message, but since we’re low on cash this year, I thought I’d generate something off of my own computer.  My problem is that I can’t figure out how to tell people what we’ve been … Read More

Purva Karma

For the past week, my husband and I have been on type of Ayurvedic cleanse called Purva Karma.  Traditionally, Purva Karma is a preparation for main Ayurvedic cleansing actions, called Pancha Karma.  While Pancha Karma often requires stay in a retreat setting and daily care from Ayurvedic practitioners, Purva Karma is fairly simple to do at home under the guidance … Read More