How I bless my home

I don’t like cleaning. At least, not as much as my mother and sister do. I wish I was one of those people who cleaned with they were stressed. Who, after a long day of toddler tantrums and client loads, pick up a scrub brush and a bottle of vinegar and find solace in ridding corners of their silverware drawer … Read More

Why a protection shield of white light doesn’t work

Protection isn’t the solution to a porous energy field. There’s this common “knowledge” in the spiritual world that anyone in need of spiritual/psychic protection need only to invoke a protection shield of white light around them and then – abra-cadabra! – you’re protected! Except you probably aren’t. (Especially if that’s the only thing you’re doing). Nope – you’re still picking … Read More

Episode 11: An Intuitive learns to trust herself

Today I’m getting personal. In this episode, I talk about what a morning in my household looks like (it’s not the perfect morning you might imagine), and then tell you about the one-on-one clairvoyant readings I do and how they’ve helped my clients. I walk you back through parts of my history, back to some of the first spiritual experiences … Read More

High vibes are not enough

You think you need to heal the whole world. I know this, because I am that way too. You can’t listen to the news because the problems seem to big. When you hear about the world’s problems, you don’t just see how it affects you and where you might be responsible, you see how it affects your family, your community, plants, animals, the whole world – … Read More

I want to tell you living big is easy, but that’s a lie

I want to make a difference in this life. I want to help people. I feel like I’m on a mission. I want to combine <two or three things that don’t seem to fit together> as an offering, but I’m not sure how to make it work. I feel like I have a larger planetary purpose – but I feel … Read More

Your expectations are ruining your relationships and killing your sex life

Just kidding. I don’t know anything about your sex life. And this is not an ask for the details. But I do have some experience with expectations. My mind (read: ego) are full of them. And they’re the biggest ruiner in all of the land. Expectations are when you create a mental story about a specific outcome you desire. Except that, instead of … Read More

Your Voice Matters

My palms were sweating on my keyboard and my heart was beating fast. I was taking quick breaths and trying desperately to slow it down, while at the same time keep my words light, quick and snarky. I couldn’t believe that replying to an email could make me so anxious, but it did. I read what I wrote. I re-read … Read More

The Final Piece {The Freedom Equation}

The last piece of The Freedom Equation is simple: Make a decision to live with more freedom. Then do it. Maybe this seems deceptively simple, and it is. But it’s also the key to moving forward into a life of freedom. I believe that life works this way: Be. Do. Have. We’ve spent the last few months being in our honesty and … Read More

You came into this world with courage {The Freedom Equation}

(If you’re new to The Freedom Equation series, start here). You came into this world with courage. Screaming, perhaps, and a bit surprised, but it was with courage (plus some oxytocin, and a strong mama) that you made it from the world of the womb and into the bright, bright lights of this world. In that moment, you were a clean slate, except for … Read More