Episode 24: Feel into your limitless spirit with Dan Marchini

Welcome to Season 2! This episode, I take a moment to orient you to how this season will roll out plus what to expect from Healers. Dan grew up on a farm in California. In college, he figured out how to get his family out of farming by creating a large and successful produce company. Along the way, he developed … Read More

Episode 21: Calling all spiritual non-conformists with Kat Kim

Kat Kim – a radical life coach for spiritual non-conformists – and I waste no time diving right into how we’re each responding to the constricting model of consumer capitalism and consumer spirituality. Kat walks us through what she has identified as the four pillars of consumer spirituality – the brand of new age “spirituality” that teaches us to be … Read More

Episode 17: My “Come to heart” moment (Part II of Episode 15)

I finished up Episode 15 talking about how I learned to read, and how it was important for me to have someone to have my back – a teacher, colleagues, and also a connection to Spirit. This is how finding that connection happened for me. In this podcast, you’ll hear a story that goes something like this: I do all … Read More

Episode 16: All about SIBO with Dr. Sabrina Kimball, ND

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, or SIBO, is a digestive disease that is frustratingly common in sensitive individuals. I’ve had a history of this condition and talk about it in several of my blog posts. In this conversation, Dr. Kimball and I dig into all things SIBO. Consider this one of your go-to resources for understanding this condition. In this conversation, … Read More