Guest Post: How Massage Therapy Can Help Highly Sensitive People

By Dr. Brent Wells, D.C. It can be difficult to be a sensitive person: someone who responds to the world with strength, understanding and healing. In society today, sensitive people are pushed aside as too weak. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. However, if you’re a sensitive person, it’s important to take special care of your body … Read More

How mountain biking helps me regulate my nervous system

“Ready for a tow-in, Anna?” he asked, swatting away a mosquito as he sat on his low-slung bike seat and readied one foot on his pedals. “Yeah,” I said, “Let’s do it.” He pedaled forward and, not wanting to get further behind than two or three bike-lengths, I placed the sticky rubber soles of my biking shoes just “so” atop … Read More

SIBO ROUND #2: It’s Baaack!

Fuck. It’s the first thing I thought when I felt the familiar bloating patterns start again. Fuck. Not again!?! I started feeling them sometime last April (it’s June now). The bloating never lasted for three days in a row, however, so I chalked it up to inflammation and crossed my fingers and toes and cast spells and prayed to the … Read More

Episode 16: All about SIBO with Dr. Sabrina Kimball, ND

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, or SIBO, is a digestive disease that is frustratingly common in sensitive individuals. I’ve had a history of this condition and talk about it in several of my blog posts. In this conversation, Dr. Kimball and I dig into all things SIBO. Consider this one of your go-to resources for understanding this condition. In this conversation, … Read More

{Guest Post} A guide to SIBO resources

Today’s post comes from Josh Sabourin, whose website SIBO Survivor provides a wealth of information for those suffering with SIBO or other tummy troubles. Josh is a SIBO survivor himself who found it difficult to find reliable information on SIBO and decided to put together a resource to help others. You can find more information about Josh, plus more information about … Read More

Guest Post: The benefits of massage for highly sensitive children

Today I’m bringing you a beefy article from massage therapist and infant massage instructor, Jack Duroc-Danner. Jack and I began talking about the benefits of massage on the highly sensitive nervous system, and they suggested I learn infant massage to work on my son. Working with Jack gave me valuable skills for reducing stress and nervous system tension in my … Read More

Eating for a highly sensitive body

But what do I eat? These is so much anguish in this little question, isn’t there? When did food become so goddamn confusing? There’s so much hype out there around very specific and rather rigid diets, all aimed at achieving some idea of physical health or beauty, and we’re bombarded by their conflicting messages all the time. The uncensored, snarky … Read More

What pregnancy has taught me about uncensored sensitivity

If there is one thing this pregnancy has taught me, it’s about permission.  And if there’s one thing I advise highly sensitive clients to try over and over again, it’s to give themselves more permission.  So I’m getting a dose of my own medicine. The good kind, I mean. My experience of pregnancy is one of even greater heightened sensitivity. I simply … Read More

A personal story about shame and separating from it

I entered the midwives office excited and hopeful. At almost 24 weeks pregnant, with a very active baby boy inside of me, I was getting excited for the later parts of pregnancy and for preparing for birth. After some trial and error, I had even found an old sundress that still fit over my expanded boobs and belly. I felt … Read More