Am I responsible for how someone else feels?

“You made me feel this way!” I’m sure you’ve heard that before. Or perhaps you were even the one claiming it. During heated arguments, it’s easy to want to blame someone else for how we’re feeling. The problem is, it’s simply not true. Saying someone else “made us” feel a certain way is a misplacement of responsibility. While their actions … Read More

What are emotional triggers?

What does “being triggered” even mean? It’s a popular phrase used in recent times, so let’s break it down. Basically,being triggered is used to refer to when you’ve reached an uncomfortable emotional state coupled with a nervous system stress response and are no longer able to access your prefrontal cortex (your rational and compassionate brain). You’re in your reptilian brain, … Read More

Emotions can affect the nervous system: How to deal

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know that emotions happen in the body, not in the mind. Yes, it’s true that we concoct all kinds of stories around our emotions that might make us think our emotions are psychological, but the truth is, emotions are energy that change the cellular structure of our bodies. They live in our bodies … Read More

Yes, you feel other people’s emotions

Most of this post is an excerpt from my book, “Embracing High Sensitivity.” As someone with a highly sensitive nervous system, you feel emotions more strongly than others. Just like any other physical stimuli, you feel emotional energy more acutely and process it more deeply than non-HSPs. You’re simply not built for the “shake it off ” mentality. Your nervous … Read More

The things I did to be liked

I have a really deep wound.  Some would call it a sister wound, in that it was inflicted when I was very young by someone I believed to be a female ally. And while I knew it was affecting me, I’ve just recently been shown just how this unhealed wound has been sabotaging my relationships. The incident itself is not … Read More

To see in the dark

The morning air is crisp and cool and the harvest moon is bright in my window. It’s autumn – the last days of September. And while the media would like to remind me that this is the time to buy new sweaters and swap my home brewed coffee for a pumpkin spice everything, I’m being called to notice that we … Read More

High vibes are not enough

You think you need to heal the whole world. I know this, because I am that way too. You can’t listen to the news because the problems seem to big. When you hear about the world’s problems, you don’t just see how it affects you and where you might be responsible, you see how it affects your family, your community, plants, animals, the whole world – … Read More

Honor your anger – it is a tool

So, sensitive one – did you find your anger? Maybe you were able to uncover it, remove it from the debris of lies meant to keep you small. Maybe you found snippets, tidbits, little bites of the fiery goodness – just enough to get a taste, not enough to get your fix. And maybe – maybe – your anger has … Read More

Where is your anger?

There’s this way that we, as hsps – especially those of us socialized as women – have lost touch with our anger. We’ve learned to bury it, stuff it down, swallow it, sit on it. So that when things happen that should ignite anger, instead we find something else (something much more dangerous, in my opinion) taking its place – … Read More

Thoughts on motherhood and guilt

As I experience motherhood as a highly sensitive person, as an introvert, intuitive and empath, there are some things I’ve noticed. About how the fierceness of love pushes me, and pulls me, like the ebb and flow of a tide. I’m building my understanding of what it means to feel the kind of love that has only come to me from having a … Read More

An invitation: When what’s happening in the world is uncomfortable, stand there anyway

There are serious things happening in the US (and world) right now. Serious things. Sad things. Oppressive things. Dangerous things. Hateful things. The neo-Nazi marches and violence that happened in Charlottesville last week have broken my heart on many levels. That we have White Supremacists marching to maintain the status quo, when that status quo oppresses and marginalizes large groups of people. That … Read More